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We have recently started to collect reviews of gigs from various venues. You can find them here. Reviews of our CD can be found on the CD page.

For the news review of our gig in Venzone Italy please click on the picture below.

They each possess considerable individual instrumental skill, they have no reverential fear of any of their more exalted colleagues and they produce exquisite vocal harmonies, so delightful to listen to.  At long last, a group that also places emphasis on the human voice, which remains one of our favourite “instruments”. 

Dulaman has a notably unique sound. Their vocals and harmonies are original, 
flowing and vibrant.
The acoustic setting perfectly accompanies these profound melodies and intelligent lyrics.
Equally gifted as musicians and as vocalists, Dulaman possesses a fresh commercially 
feasible sound that in our opinion would fair well with today's musical markets.

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The Dulaman experience will take you through an evening of excellent musicianship and original material. The band play well beyond the sum of their years, and are an inspiration to anyone taking up an instrument. The engine room of the band is well underpinned with the bass played with the sort of attack that is so important in the basics of Bluegrass related music, and yet in contrast Eleanor is able to change the mood completely with the use of the bow. Anna produces a good strong lead with the fiddle, and shines in the  traditional Bluegrass tunes - she has lots of ideas and is looking to expand into the use of effects and the eclectic fiddle. The guitar back up is sound, and in this instrument James is showing the promise of something very special - exciting lead playing suggests that he will be one of the best in a few years time.
David is already providing some great rhythm and lead licks, and has that natural quality of a front man! However - for me - the strength of the band is in its musical ideas, and the arrangements reflect a great deal of thought and hard work. Four vocals give the band considerable flexibility - the obvious influence of Nickel Creek is reflected (but not copied) in much of the material - add to this four very nice people and the package is worth a look. I would recommend any Folk Club, or Acoustic Music Club to look at this very original band with a view to public performance.
Richard Holland
BBMA (South Rep)
Nettlebed American Acoustic Music Club


"This talented bunch of youngsters is going to make a big impression, either collectively as Dulaman or individually in whatever context they choose, because make no mistake, they are superb musicians. Guitar, fiddle, mandolin and double-bass all played well, but more than that, played with invention - their arrangements show an imagination I wish some more established bands had. Whether tackling Irish or Bluegrass tunes or songs from the tradition or contemporary sources, there was a spark and flair which got the whole audience involved and excited. What is extra-ordinary is that they are so young, and what they could be in five or ten years is mind-boggling, it really is! Watch out, they're going to be huge"
Northwich Folk Club

"I found Dulaman displaying  a surprising musical maturity for their ages, playing with style and virtuosity"

Debby McClatchy
(Watching Dulaman play at The Civic Hall, Conwy Bluegrass Festival)

For my own part as a lover of Bluegrass/ alt. country it it was heaven- sent and though I run this venue and see a lot of bands and am usually running about , I sat glued throughout to excellent musicianship. Further although we are perverse in choosing a wide variety of music ,and therefore get a wide based audience , it went down a storm. And you played acoustic at short notice!

Thank you from a small club dedicated to live music. Brilliant and highly recommended


'The Floor'- Shropshire

Ewshott Acoustic Music Club greatly enjoyed Dulaman's performance on Thursday 20th May. They gave us fresh and original material performed in a mature and relaxed fashion, which belied their youth. Superb instrumentalists with very good harmonies.

I've listen your concert for Folkest and I bought your CD.
   WOW ...thanks for the emotions thanks for the music.


Hi I live in Lincoln, on the 14th Jan after finishing one of my final year university exams I made the long journey down to see my parents who live in Herefordshire and to support my little brother who plays the guitar as he was the opening act at The Floor, feeling tired and desperate just to hurry up and go home I thought we would leave after his performance but my parents had other ideas! and I am glad of it, you were fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of your performance and my tiredness was completely forgotten. Although I didn't have any money to buy your CD at the time my parents have said I can borrow theirs after they have listened to it a bit and I cant wait, although I feel it might be quite a while! So thanks again for the excellent performance and I look forward to hearing you again soon.
                     Take care and all the best
                      Rhiannon Carvell-Crook.

Dulaman- they were made up of a female double bassist, female fiddle player, male mandolin and male guitar and unfortunately for me and Elna not only could they all play like demons, they all sang and they were all charismatic, Grrrrrrrr started to feel a bit sick and depressed at this point......

(Unknown audience member following a Dulaman performance at The Assembly Rooms in Derby)

Hiya everyone
Sophie xxxx (surname withheld) here (aged 9).
Just a quick line to say that my mum and dad & myself had a smashing time at last night's concert at the Assembly Rooms, Derby. Many thanks for autographing my CD we have played it all and it is very cool.  My favourite track is "into the sun" and "cooling shadows".  Keep up the good work.
Love Sophie

"They were followed by young band from the Cheshire area Dulaman, comprising James Dewdney (guitar/vocals), David Pickering (mandolin/vocals), Eleanor Cross (bass/vocals) and Anna Kelly (fiddle/vocals). They played and sang quite a variety of material, some trad treated unconventionally (Coolies Reel was quite beautiful slowed down to a walk with fiddle harmonies!) all with verve and energy. In my opinion they could be going places: one to watch out for."

The above quote was written by Jean Brandon in the North West Bluegrass news after watching Dulaman play at the Calico Jack Charity festival.

Hiya Folks - 

I managed to miss all your shows in 2003, and was snowed in for the Limelight gig, which I really wanted to get to.  Anyway, I was really pleased to catch you at last last night, even though the set was so short (wot - no Cooleys!).

It was a brill idea to play it acoustic on the floor, it sounded fantastic, everything was right, in place, you weren't having to fight against a crap sound/feedback etc. 
Anyway, soapbox over, the new songs sound even better live than on the CD, which is excellent.  Sorry I mentioned the NC word afterwards, I guess with the same instrumentation that the comparison gets made a lot - I prefer your album, to be honest, it has more life.
I think that special mention should go to Anne, her lead, harmony vocal and fiddle playing were amazing, as were the multipart harmonies.  The only thing I can think of that would improve the band is if Anne's vocals were featured more - maybe extend that idea where the lead vocal is traded around?
Anyway, congrats again, and big praise on moving your music forward, hope to see a full set soon.


(following the Biddulph Town Hall gig)

Tom Knapp (Rambles Magazine, Pennsylvania)
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This review was from a demo CD recorded in 2000 and kindly sponsored by Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council, with the support of 'Fluff'-Organiser of the Nantwich Folk and Roots Festival and Kath, music lecturer from Keele University, who helped us in the early stages of composition and arrangements.

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